Supportive & Effective

While psychological services cannot come with a guarantee, the services provided by Access Psychology focus on those based on sound clinical research. The general aim is to provide supportive and effective psychological treatments. This is why some problems (such as addictions) are dealt with in conjunction with other treatment services.


It is difficult to define a "cure" when discussing psychological problems, but still, it is common for clients feel that their symptoms are permanently relieved. People with fears, insomnia, anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress, smoking behaviour, adjustment problems (e.g. as with chronic pain), and so on, can all have this experience of relief. Of those who do not consider they are "completely cured", many would report a significant reduction in symptoms so as to allow them to continue on in relative comfort.

An investment in your future

Treatment through Access Psychology represent a good value long-term investment in your mental health. The benefits also generally have a positive influence on those close to you - for example, children learn a lot from their parents about how to deal with life and (despite what parents say to their children) children will do what the parents do, not what the parents say. The skills learnt, in the process of resolving your problem(s), improve with practice and are thus available for use as needed when dealing with other such matters throughout your future.

What people say about TRTP

TRTP is a very useful, but still not well known.
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What people say about the book

CHILD BEHAVIOUR BASICS (formerly titled "Parenting - Easy & Effective") is the 7th Edition of my book for parents of 2 to 9 year-olds. It has been updated and considerably expanded. It has been very well received. Here are some of the reviews that I have received from greatful parents:


I went along to Access Psychology for a consultation because I was having problems with my eldest boy. He was having major emotional outbursts and he wasnít able to control his anger. Heíd get emotional about something and instead of dealing with it heíd lash out, out of control. We bought the book after one consultation and thatís all we needed.

The hardest thing was for us to change our mindset and our immediate reaction to his behaviour, but because the book was so easy to read and understand, and it made so much sense, I was able to think "well, if I do this then that will probably happen", and it did. I say that was the hardest thing, but it wasnít actually that hard - it was just different to what we used to do. My partner and I had to keep reminding each other, at first, about what to say or do or what to think in different situations rather than doing what we did in the past - and it made a dramatic difference. My eldest boy took to it really well and we had some quick changes there. He lapped up the good attention he was getting with the new approach. Over the next two or three weeks it was a help with the other two kids as well.

The most useful thing I learnt was not to ignore the kids when they were being good and the best part is that we now spend a lot more time with the kids. We realised that when the kids were good we used to leave them alone. I always thought that with children you should always pull them up on what they are doing wrong but I never really got the whole other side of things. Iíd think "oh great, theyíre in their room playing. Iíll go and lie down for a while or something". I didnít realise that I was actually making the situation worse.

My eldest boy has also been better at school this year. So far we havenít had any more of the emotional issues of the past, so that seems to be going really well, and his teacher this year has mentioned that heís being very sociable - helping other kids and so on.

I actually like coming home from work now. Iím not thinking "oh God, I have to deal with all this again". Thatís just not happening any more. Iím really happy with the book and if others are thinking about it they should just buy it, itís really good.

Tina (aged 33), of Fairview Park, South Australia


My husband and I had some difficult issues to sort out a year ago with our, then, 4Ĺ year old daughter. I tried different tactics (like yelling or reverse psychology) to make life a bit more pleasant, but to no avail. Iíd try reward types of things as well like saying "if youíre a good girl in the shops Iíll buy you something". Then I went along for a couple of consultations at Access Psychology, and bought the book, and realised that I was not at all doing things right.

I hoped the book would be useful, and it was. It was really easy to use and understand. I still refer to it as a refresher if I feel things are getting out of hand (and itís usually what Iím doing thatís the problem). When I read through it again I feel very empowered. I then have a plan and, since Iím confident that the plan will work, I donít worry any more. Itís been great.

I absolutely feel so much more confident as a parent. When I read the book, everything makes so much sense. I like the examples about awkward subjects like privileges and responsibility, but the best thing that I got out of it was an understanding about consequences. My daughter responded to that very quickly.

Things got worse when I started to use the book and then improved within about a week. Then we had another bad patch (I donít know if it is because we became complacent or if she decided to have another go at it) but itís been good from then on. Itís so rewarding when you can see that sheís learnt and accepted new rules. Itís a lot calmer at home now and I make an effort to be a calmer person myself. Itís a much happier household. I think itís amazing.

It has affected my whole life because I feel more in control ... not that itís a boot-camp at home, but you need to be in control as a parent to a certain degree. I think sheís happier too and sheís a lot better to take out. She knows the boundaries and she has responded well to them. I think itís great. I have highly recommended your book to others and given them your website address. I have friends who have the same problems that I had and itís so frustrating when you can see they are making things worse but you canít say anything ... but if they ask I tell them "well, look at this book. You can get it off the Internet, itís not expensive, you can read it in one night and youíll feel so empowered!" Tina (aged 35), of Greenwith, South Australia


Before I bought your book parenting was a bit hit-and-miss at times. My girls are good kids but I wanted to do my best in raising them, so I went looking for information. When I started reading it, every page made sense and I knew it would be useful. At the time (about 2 years ago) it gave us confidence to know if we were on the right track or not, rewarding good behaviour and things like that. Those things have gone into my autopilot now.

The best thing about it was getting some insight into what made the kids tick, understanding what turned things on or switched things off. When we started applying what was in the book the changes were almost instantaneous. The most valuable things I got from the book were a lot more confidence in dealing with them and having a basis for making decisions. It reaffirmed some of the things that I already knew and cleared up the hit-and-miss stuff. It gave me plausible reasons for doing certain things rather than just saying "well weíll try that and see how it goes ". That isnít always very useful because, as you explain in the book, some of the things you try can make things go worse before they get better.

I think Iím generally a lot more mellow now. If Iím getting wound up now I can say to myself " hang about, ranting and raving isnít going to change anything, letís try working on the positive side "... and it works. I think the book is definitely worth buying, and if youíve got issues to resolve itís also worth going in and talking to you about it too.

John, of Houghton, South Australia